Personalised Nutrition Consult

$90 - initial

$75 - follow up

Consultations consist of you and I meeting, whether in person, on the phone or through Skype. To discuss your health concerns, questions, obstacles and what nutritional changes you want to make to your lifestyle.

The 1 hour consult will consist of:

  • Gaining an understanding of your well-being and dietary history.
  • Evaluation of your diet and structuring a nutritional plan to suit your needs.
  • Knowledge and education of where and how to shop for different types of foods/ingredients necessary for your individual nutritional needs. We can progress to either a one on one or group cooking workshop at your house.
  • Teaching you how to understand ingredients in products and how to read nutritional labels
  • Recommendations if necessary for nutritional supplementation.

I want to work towards enabling you to be comfortable and in control in the kitchen. My intention is to educate you on portion sizes and introduce you to meal ideas and plan out a weeks worth of recipes/meals. This ensures you are prepared ahead and fill your body with great food all week. 

I want to pass on my knowledge in Nutrition, promote healthy eating habits and a loving relationship with food. This will assist you to make ongoing conscious healthy decisions for yourself. 

Follow Up Appointments

These are recommended if we aren't following up with cooking workshops. These appointments will cost $75, for 45 minutes and will involve:

  • Us assessing and reviewing your progress and making nutritional changes where necessary
  • Introduction of new food ideas & recipes to keep your dietary intake exciting and interesting
  • Continuous nutritional education to enable you to make the best decisions for your body, so you have life long practices
  • Discussing any barriers or limitations that may need to be overcome

One on One Cooking Workshop


Cooking Workshops are where we get down to the good stuff... food! This workshop will be individually formatted from our consult together focusing on your dietary needs and adapting your diet. Whether you require help with food prep, need to change the way you eat for health reasons, have been diagnosed gluten/dairy intolerant and aren't sure where to start... whatever the reason, together we will be able to achieve a lot in your kitchen.

This 1.5 hour workshop will be:

  • Hosted in your kitchen
  • Using your kitchen equipment 
  • Using the ingredients you purchase (I will write the list) 
  • Customised to where you are currently at on your healthy journey


  • These workshops can also focus on gut health and what you can do at home to promote a healthy gut!
  • Group Cooking Workshops are also available - email me to enquire

Group Cooking Workshops


Group cooking workshops are very similar to the one on one workshops just a little less intimate. Instead you get together with your partner, friends, family or whoever you choose and hold a group cooking workshop. 

This 1.5 hour workshop will be:

  • Hosted in your kitchen
  • Using your kitchen equipment 
  • Using the ingredients you purchase (I will write the list) 
  • Customised to what topic you all decide on
  • Groups of 2-4 people welcome 


Topics include:

  • Paleo cooking
  • Vegan cooking
  • Gut Health (fermenting) 
  • Cooking for kids & families
  • Batch cooking weekly meals & snacks


Larger group cooking sessions can be organised either by keeping them hands on and I will invite my side kick Shan Cooper from My Food Religion or we can do a cooking demo. Email me to discuss options:

Group Nutrition Workshop

Price specific for groups

Nutrition seminars are great for pt groups, employees, gym members and mothers groups. Anyone who is interested in or needs education and guidance in Nutrition. 

I will work with you to find out what the group currently knows and make sure the workshop is tailored to their needs. We can discuss portion sizes, how often to eat, what to eat, how to prepare and plan meals, where to shop and what to buy, how to read nutritional labels, go through recipe ideas... the options are endless!

The seminars can cater from a small to a large number of attendees, finer details can be discussed. 

Email me:

Package Options

One on One Consult + Cook Package $220

Includes a 1hr Nutrition Consult
Along with a 1.5hr Cooking Workshop

One on One Cooking Workshop Package $450

Includes a free 1hr Nutrition Consultation
Along with 3 x 1.5hr one on one Cooking Classes

This package allows you to decide how often you want to cook together whether that is every fortnight, every month or every few months. It enables us to continually evolve in the kitchen together whether that involves covering a variety of topics across the three workshops such as a gut health workshop, a meal preparing and planning workshop and a workshop where we cook a variety of meals and snacks or we can do a weekly grocery shop together! Starting with the initial consultation, allows us to plan the cooking workshop based on where you are at on your health journey and what your requirements are. With each workshop we can evaluate your progress and make necessary changes along the way. 


Finer Details:

  • Travel over 45kms will be charged additionally, price based on kms/travel time
  • The ingredients list can range from $60-$100 approximately
  • $90/hr consultations are charged at a minimum of 1hr/ session, any consultation less than 1hr will incur the 1hr fee. Over 1hr will be charged in half hour increments.

Any Questions? Ask away!

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